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How Can Your Dog Benefit from Feed Supplements?

Posted on March 27, 2020 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Our four-legged furry friend needs your attention and a healthy diet too. As you take care of your family’s health and diet, you should take care of your dog too. However, food only cannot be sufficient for your pup’s health. They require some dietary supplements too to fulfil the deficiencies in their daily food. Discover more about the benefits of feed supplements for your furry friend.

1. Boosts their immunity

As per the Indian Veterinary Pharmaceutical Companies, a great immune system reduces the risk of various diseases in your dog. Its body will regulate itself to work properly while eliminating the potentially harmful pathogens. Supplements ensure the good health of your immune system and keep them free of diseases.


2. Provides the necessary nutrients

Although, the dog’s food you provide claims to have the complete nutrients, they require something to boost their nutrients and protein intake. Supplements furnish the adequate amount of nutrients which are essential for them and they require.


3. Makes the skin and coat healthy

Hair loss and skin irritation are one of the commonly diagnosed problems in dogs. It can be due to underlying problems and certain deficiencies in the diet. With supplements, you can ensure that your dog gets adequate amino acids, biotin and fish oil which keeps their skin healthy and fur coat shiny.


4. Improves their absorption rates

One of the Top Veterinary Pharmaceutical Companies in India states that feed supplements ensure the buildup of your dog’s strength and well-being. Moreover, it optimizes their intake of essential diet compounds and strengthens their absorption rates.


5. Promotes healthy digestion

Feed supplements have all the essential components that balance the health of your dog. It includes their digestion as well. Supplements reduce the chances of your dog suffering from digestion issues. Also, supplements improve bad breath, water absorption and other digestive disorders.


6. Minimize ageing effects

As per a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company in India, the need for your dog’s diet changes with age and so does their supplements. A balanced supplement minimizes ageing effects and ensures that your dog’s body remains active and energized at every stage of life.


7. Develops their cognitive ability

Nutritional supplements can improve your pup’s cognitive function over time. They improve their spatial attention and learning capacity within a few weeks and can prevent cognitive dysfunctioning syndrome as well.

One of the Top Vet Pharma Companies in India states that feed supplements can be a life enhancer for dogs. Moreover, a healthy diet, feed supplements, mental simulations and exercises when combined serves the best benefits. At all life stages, keep them happy, healthy and safe.


Vitamins & Minerals for Dairy Cattle

Posted on August 8, 2019 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Just like humans, cattle and farm animals too need their daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Investing in good quality veterinary feed supplements is one of the best things that a farmer can do for their livestock. Veterinary Feed Supplements are usually fed to farm animals to improve their quality of nutrition.

Ideally, all veterinary feed supplements must contain energy, protein, certain essential vitamins and minerals in equal proportion; although, different species have different nutritional requirements, these are the basic stuff that all dairy animals require in their daily intake.

Inadequate nutrition intake will not only limit your cattle’s performance, but their productivity as well.

What are the different Vitamins & Minerals that Cattle need in their Veterinary Feed Supplements?


Protein is an important part of a balanced cattle diet. Majority of animal tissues and organs need proteins as their building blocks. Therefore, never buy veterinary feed supplements in India that do not have enough quantity of proteins in them.

Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphorous:

Calcium is essential for muscle activity, nerve transmission and de-clotting of blood. Shortage of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous in feed supplements from Veterinary Drug Manufacturers will lead to 'milk fever' in high-producing cows.


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in cattle. For optimal performance, it is important to provide them with adequate amounts of digestible energy. Carbohydrate requirement vary with stage of production and the size of the animal. Avoid veterinary products in India that lack in carbohydrates.


A stable digestive system will indirectly result in good production of meat. Sodium helps in maintaining the acidity level of cattle. Brands that sell high-in-proteins and low-in-sodium feed supplements are actually not promoting a healthy and well-balanced diet for cattle.